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Stellar-MADE project

We plan to work on 4 main axes during the meeting:

kickoff seen by DALL-E

All these topics explicitly overlap and will be discussed during the meeting. Each participant will preferentially work on one item with a subgroup of participants. At the end, we will establish a plan to keep working together after the meeting, share results efficiently, and co-write the corresponding scientific articles.

Program with indicative times:

Useful bibliography from EPJ+ Focus Point on Environmental and Multiplicity Effects on Planet Formation (edited by G. Lodato & C. Manara):

Additional articles of interest (send suggestions):

List of participants for the kick-off meeting:

  1. Nicolás Cuello (Grenoble)
  2. François Ménard (Grenoble)
  3. Cathie Clarke (Cambridge)
  4. Gaspard Duchêne (Grenoble)
  5. Giuseppe Lodato (Milano)
  6. Isabelle Joncour (Grenoble)
  7. Jean-François Gonzalez (Lyon)
  8. Álvaro Ribas (Cambridge)
  9. Enrique Macías (Munich)
  10. Antoine Alaguero (Grenoble)
  11. Simone Ceppi (Milano)
  12. Benedetta Veronesi (Lyon)
  13. Claudia Toci (Munich)
  14. Eleonora Bianchi (Munich)
  15. Enrico Ragusa (Lyon)
  16. Cristiano Longarini (Milano)
  17. Andrew Winter (Nice)
  18. Evelyne Alecian (Grenoble)

Drivers, departure times and meeting points:

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