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Stellar-MADE Project

Drawings by Italian students from Alba Adriatica

This activity was organised remotely via Zoom thanks to Donatella Marconi who contacted me from a school called Istituto Comprensivo Enrico Fermi (Scuola Secondaria di primo grado) in Alba Adriatica (provincia di Teramo, Italy). One week before the scheduled presentation (“The mysteries of planet formation: Planets and binary stars”), the students of the class 3E were asked to think about planets in binaries and draw their possible orbits.

These are all the instructions they received:

“Planets exist in systems with two stars. Imagine and draw the orbits they could have.”

With their permission, I share below some of the best drawings:

I was very impressed by their spectacular and accurate artwork. This was a great opportunity to talk about the physics behind the orbits. Upon inspection of the drawings, several questions arose:

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